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fix order of connectors in graphml without coordinates

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Thank you for this hint.  Though, the size of the node's box is determined by yEd when labeling the nodes, so I can't know the geometric position of the connectors before importing into yEd.

What I can do is to attach an attribute to every edge and postprocess the generated graphml sort the edges so that they appear in the correct order, but I would need yEd to assign the connectors on the node's box in the same order as the edges appear in graphml.

Does the option above guarantee that yEd does not alter this order?
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The geometric order of the connector positions is independent of the structural order of edges in the GraphML file. And no, there are no guarantees regardinging structural order of edges.

The only approach I can think of to solve your problem would be:

  1. Generate GraphML with each edge attributed in some way for ordering later on.
  2. Open GraphML in yEd and resize nodes for labels.
  3. Process the modified GraphML and calculate port locations according to edge attribute and node size.
  4. Open GraphML in yEd and run hierarchical layout algorithm with port constraints.


If you have further questions, please reply in this thread instead of starting a nw thread on the same topic.

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