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Combine Multiple Edges and Label with Edge Count

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I would like to combine a big bundle of edges into a single line with a number next to it that is the number edges in the bundle.  I am able to by a number of means get an "edge bundle" into a single line but do not understand how to get a count of the bundle.

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The only possiblity I can think of is the use of "Incremental Hierarchic Layout" routing with the option "Automatic Edge Grouping" enabled. In this case yEd will place the number of connecting edges as label next to the edges. (Sorry I forgot that I did that myself).

You can add an label to the edge with the number of links (see my example). This label behaves as any label and can be formated and moved over the edge (with filled background).

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I got some more interesting and informative graphs but the edge number labels did not show up.  Can you point me to an example?  Thanks much.
I've updated my answer above.

But I agree that an automatic edge count would be an nice feature.
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