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How can I stop template diagrams from stretching in a .pdf when printing?

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I'd really appreciate a little help... I'm not ultra technical but am using a document for pattern purposes and require the hexagon and triangle pieces to be stable in size, and not stretch when printed.

I need users to be able to print in A4 and US sizes and still have the templates the same size regardless of the printers or paper sizes uses.

The main document works brilliantly as a pdf, but the diagrams creep in size.

Thanks in Advance
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1 Answer

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Uncheck option "Automatic Page Settings" on tab "PDF" in the PDF Export settings. With "Automatic Page Settings" deactivated, you can manually specify the page sizes of the exported PDF document. Note, though, if the size and scaling settings on tab "Clipping" result in diagram dimensions that exceed the manually chosen PDF page size, your diagram will be split over several pages.

That said, even with manually specified page sizes, it is not possible to guarantee your requirement. E.g. suppose you decide on A4 as PDF page size. Suppose further the user printing the document only has US Letter size paper. Now, PDF printing software typically supports automatic scaling of documents to fit the printer's supported paper size. If the aforementioned user has this option enabled, the size of your document (and thus the size of the displayed shapes) is changed during the actual printing process. There is nothing that can be done about that when creating the document.

You could try to instruct your users to turn off their PDF printing software's automatic scaling and hope for the software to simply cut of the document's margins. But the success of this approach would depend on the technical knowledge of your users, their PDF printing software, and probably their actual printer and printer driver. (In short, a lot of factors you probably cannot control.)
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thankyou, excellent answer.  I had hoped you would say that pictures/ diagrams can be set sized and the rest can be scaled per paper size, but alas!
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