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then have plugins may be ?

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.. or may be some part of yEd may be opened so we users can add some features there ?

An example: I'd like to allow yEd create new documents if the URL points to some local file that does not exist ; in the simplest case it is just creating an empty text file and starting an associated file editor by F8. Or create another linked .graphml document and open another yEd instance on it.

( Since I'm going to use this feature heavily, I'd also like to have some hot key associated with the "Data" tab in the properties dialog. )

All these changes are not that hard to implement ( at least for a few predefined data types like text/html/graphml ), so I imagine I could have done that and suggested "a pull request" if I had this part of the code open.

Anyway, please treat the above as a feature request )


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I agree. yED is great but I noticied immediatly two drawback: lake of extensions and lake of a gallery for symbols (which is somehow just a place for a specific type of extension)
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Regarding your second point, are you aware of the fact that it is possible to import additional symbols into yEd?

I don't think that that is what he meant. I think he meant the lack of "additional (online) resources" like plugins or symbol sets from/on/for yEd.
Sry Thomas I didn't see your answer
Setting a place where a community could grow by itself and exchange materials would definitly help you for the 'valorisation' of your invention
And making parts of yEd opensource would definitely help you too ; if you can seperate you code in modules to implement plugins for instance, then you could publish some of those core modules which are not critical like the interface
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