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default values in mapping

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The nodes in my palette have different colors. I have a custom node property with integer values. Additionally, in the Properties Mapper, I have a mapping of the custom property to fill color. The mapping I would like is:

custom property = 1: fill color is red

custom property = 2: fill color is green

any other value for the custom property must show the default color of the nodes.

Is there a way to use the default color in the mapping?


For now I have chosen to change the border color (it is black for all node types) and leave the fill color untouched.
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1 Answer

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The properties mapper has no explicit support for default values. However, it should leave alone all elements for which no mapping is defined. Therefore, to mimic the required behavior, you can either set all elements to the default appearance before running the properties mapper or choose a template in the properties mapper configuration that has the default appearance.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
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