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How to assign fixed edge lengths/weights?

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Is it possible in yEd to create edges that have a "weight" which is translated into a relatively fixed edge length? For example, in a similarity graph, the nodes would be all the items being rated and the edge length the rated similarity. So with a circular graph and all edges having the same weight, the resulting layout would be a circle again, but if two edges would have more/less weight (i.e. are shorter/longer), that cirle would become distorted. This is related to MDS and might not be compatible with the routing algorithms of yEd?

Any suggestions how to accomplish this with yEd greatly appreciated, thanks!
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1 Answer

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None of yEd's layout algorithms considers individual edge weights in its calculation at the moment. I suggest re-posting this as a feature request.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
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