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Including/embedding/linking graphs from other files

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Would be nice to support embedding graphs (e.g. in a group) from other files (store only a link in the current file). For the beginning just a simple support of independently embedding the graph in the "master" group (somethnig like iframe in html) (later may be possible also inter-connections between graphs if requested). This way users are able to divide their work into more components, which may be useful in workflow modeling to avoid duplicate definitions of the same. It is also better e.g. for versioning, collaborating, it is a must for a big projects, etc.
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2 Answers

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I agree. Right now I need this functionality. Or somethink like that - join 2 graphs (on one element).
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Yes I agree! I came upon this question because I am precisely looking for such a function in yed at the moment!! I would like to embed a diagram contained in say, file 1, into a new file (2) where I would expand it and show different properties of it. I would like for changes in the original diagram (file 1) to be automatically updated  in file 2!
i solved inserting an url to another graph file. please read the manual.
i works great!
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