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What is the purpose of having a seperate name for open/closed group label?

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When you expand/collapse a group, the label is different for each one.

I'm aware you can configure Yed to 'sync' them as described here:

I'm wondering, what is the purpose of having seperate names? In what scenario would one prefer to actually have seperate labels for a group? Is there a meaningful example? I.e, what is the reason label-sync is not enabled by default?

Thank you
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1 Answer

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One use case for different labels is process modelling. Sub-processes are often modelled using groups. In expanded state, the grouped entities "describe" the sub-process and hence a group label is unnecessary and thus omitted. In collapsed state, however, the grouped entities are not visible and a descriptive group label is very much desired.

The label sync is not enabled by default because the default behavior for label text is consistent with the behavior of all other group properties. (Color, size, etc. may be different for collapsed and expanded state as well.)
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thank you for explanation.
This program is amazing!
I would like to suggest a update in the group system. When we import an Excel file, it is difficult to rename the open/close group. More control over that would be great. And like your example, in the process modelling would be usefull if we could change the shape of the group, thus the sub-process could have the shape of that, and when expanded another shape. Thank you and congratulations
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