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Attach notes to edges according to UML 2 use case extensions points

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UML 2 - use case diagrams - defines so called extension points. When one use case extends another one, an extension point shall be added. The condition when the use case is extended shall be represented by a note connected to the edge between both use cases. For more information pease see chapter 16.3.3, p. 409 of UML 2.3 specification.
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Due to the reasons described in the cited article, it is currently not possible to connect a note to such edges.

After giving some more thoughts to this, I think it's not required to allow node-edge connections in general for this use case. Instead, an edge label style which mimics an UML note and comes with an indicator line connecting it to its edge would be sufficient and much easier for use to implement. Therefore, I changed this to a feature request. 
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