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How to convert a set of files to svg while keeping the URLs pointing to subprocesses consistent?

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Assume a set of yED files representing a hierarchical process: one file describes the top level process, some of the process steps there are detailed in other files. The files are linked by URLs. When I highlight a node and press F8, the URL points to the detail description of that subprocess and yED opens the subprocess. So far so good. But when I export the files to, say, SVG so I can distribute the SVG files to people not running yED, the URLs still point to the original yED-Files and not the converted SVG files. How can I make this consistent?
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Unfortunately, there is currently no feature in yEd that allows you to automatically adjust URLs on export. You could try to open the generated SVG files in a text editor and fix the wrong URLs. Other alternatives would be to change all URLs manually in yEd before export or modifying the GraphML files with a text editor.
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Any news on this? It would be awesome to auto-export all the subprocess to svg too...
No news; adding this behavior (automatically adjusting URLs on export) is currently not planned.
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