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Not enough symbols for UML 2 compatibility (frame, action)

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Not enough symbols for UML 2 compatibility (frame, action).
I failed to use standard functions to make the symbols of frame and action in the notation of UML 2.
I've tried to make it with node-to-label, but there no symbol of rectangle with cutted bottom left corner.
I've tried to import via xml of visio stencils from here: http://www.softwarestencils.com/uml/#Visio2010, but yEd haven't import them.
Action is more rounded rectangle.
Below is picture maked with UML 2 stencils for visio. But I hate visio. I want to make UML 2 in yEd.
Thank you!
update: issue solved with convertion to label Card shape and rotating it on 180 degrees.
closed with the note: Issue solved with existing tools.
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3 Answers

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In the Flowchart Palette, there is an End Loop shape that is a rectangle with both bottom corners cut.  This can be used for the UML frame when you add a small white rectangle to mask the left side and then convert both to labels.  The label is attached to the top left corner of the frame.  This can be done for either a plain rectangle frame or for a group rectangle frame.  See the attached UML Frame graphml file for examples of both.

There's not much you can do about the radius of the corners on the rounded rectangle.


Thank you! Very interesting way to get UML frame. I'll try it.
By the way I found "more rounded" rectangle in Modern Nodes palette. It have property Corner Radius.
Thats not sizeable frame. I've try to write something long and get broken label. And creating frame like this everytime very timespent work.
No, the text area does not dynamically resize based on the text.  It will accommodate two lines of text (use F6 properties or CTRL+Enter while typing).  Or, you could create a frame with a much larger text area to meet your needs.
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I have created a frame title box that you can resize.  It uses a unique combination of labels to mask the left side of the Flowchart End Loop shape to approximate the shape of the UML frame.  It looks OK on my screen, so I hope it ports correctly.

This new shape can be placed in the top left corner of any rectangle to create a UML frame, and can be converted to a label once you have entered your text and adjusted the size.

The UML 2 Frame graphml file contains the shape.

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So. It was more simple than I thinked.
I did it with converting to label a shape named Card in flow chart and then write property Rotation Angle at 180 degrees. See example in question description.

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