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Need to add freehand lines to a chart

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for a patent drawing, I need to add a freehand squiggle line pointing to each element, with a number at the free end.

Can this be done?
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2 Answers

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Well, you could try adding lots and lots of bends to a polyline or spline edge to simulate your freehand line. However, in general yEd is not a good tool for freehand drawings.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
I love the chart capabilities of yEd, but for patent drawings [which are essentially charts in some cases], but I must have a small line from a corner of each element that leads to a number. If this capability were added to yEd, it would be a perfect tool for patent drawings, especially for software patent drawings.
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Have you tried using a node with a number as the label and no fill or edge colour, along with a spline edge?

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