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Alt+click+drag to copy objects?

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Thanks for this fantastic app!  :?)

My music-notation app has a nice feature: You can click any object (or multiple selected objects), press Alt, then drag to create a copy.

Since diagramming requires you to create many identical objects, would you consider adding this feature to yEd? (I know you can already copy and paste.) Thanks, a.
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Is it possible to resubmit this feature request?

Alt-drag is an excellent idea from a user interface perspective and leads to rapid and expressive development. It's especially useful when using yed to perform live demos.

1 Answer

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yEd supports the well-known CTRL+C, CTRL+V keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste. Additionally, CTRL+D will create copies of selected elements that are connected to the appropriate original nodes. And finally, CTRL+W can be used to conveniently create one new node that is connected to all selected nodes.
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That's great... I just thought that adding the Alt+drag copy method would be useful too, because it allows you to copy AND position objects in one movement (and it doesn't conflict with any existing functionality).
Well, here I am, 6 years later, rejoining the discussion.  :?)  (I got a note about mbigras's new comment.)

thomas.behr: As far as I'm concerned, Ctrl+D is fine—thanks for drawing it to my attention!
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