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HTML5 Export Option (replacement for GraphMLviewer)

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FLASH IS DEAD due to lack of mobile support - and this now seriously reduces the value and utility of the current GraphMLviewer.

Please, provide an HTML5 export option (or a GraphML to HTML5 converter) so yED can support modern web standards.  This way our graphs can be EMBEDDED into web pages (without the need for flash support) and viewable on all modern browsers and mobile devices.
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Agreed. I am just exploring ways of seamlessly exporting ALL elements of GraphML WITHOUT scripting so I can visualise hierarchical info in the same interactive manner as I can in yEd - HTML5 would solve this and make yEd so much more powerful.
Aliah, Are you a yEd developer?  Or are you independently working on a GraphML / HTML5 converter?
I'm a yEd user, and I've started to use it for my job which involves visualising information as a substitute for traditional documentation. I chose yEd because building information structures graphically in GraphML means I can fit it into the XML publishing pipeline; but if I can't retain those grouping relationships in a graphical output then its pointless. Right now SVG and HTML exports are only static with tooltips at best, but I can't close or open groups to be able to output the whole diagram in the same way as its seen in  yEd. Using SWF is not an option because it will become obsolate; but if yEd is already outputting in HTML and SVG, there's no reason why they can't create an export option to retain all the interaction using javascript, or directly HTML5.

I guess I could try create a converter myself; but due to lack of time in my job I am starting off with just XSLT transformation of GraphML to interactive SVG - not export SVG from yEd which is only static images.
Cool Aliah,  Let's hope that yEd finally will create an interactive HTML5 viewer.  This would be so useful! -JT

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