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html code spacing in html export

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When we create a text description in html, we enter the html code.  Then when we export the project to html and look at it in the browser we see the output.

I have found that if I add line breaks in my html code that it messes up the html output - some of the tags are not processed.  Everything displays properly in yEd, but not in the export (yEd 3.12).

Thus, I can do this (and it works perfectly):

<html><body><font color="#FF0000">Red Text</font><br><font color="#00FF00">Green Text</font><br></body></html>

but not this (which makes the code easier for us to read):

<font color="#FF0000">Red Text</font>
<font color="#00FF00">Green Text</font>

Is it possible to fix this?

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1 Answer

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Thank you very much for letting us know about this problem. We will be looking into this.
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Mr. Behr,  I appreciate your attention!  Actually, there are quite a few issues with rendering the html correctly, but the spacing of the code is the hardest to deal with.
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