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yEd SVG export: base64 error for PNG image object

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When exporting any Group into SVG, I see some illegal characters in the base64 string "
". Base64 decoding fails. These are the line break points of the PNG image.

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Actually, the above is a properly escaped multi-line XML attribute value. You need to unescape the attribute value (or rather your XML parser should do that for you) before processing the data! (
 is the entity for carriage return.)

Anyways, yEd's SVG export is handled by BATIK, which is a widely used SVG toolkit that is known to be very compliant to the SVG standard. Moreover, embedding raster images in SVG documents is quite certainly a very common use case which is why I doubt very much that this feature is broken. If you disagree, try contacting the BATIK users mailing list for a discussion on embedding raster images.

by [yWorks] (151k points)
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