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Add an option to double-click canvas to add nodes

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Because I find myself adding nodes accidentally when trying to select/drag existing nodes.

I tried turning off adding nodes via single-click but then I lost a lot of convenience.
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I have searched for user-friendly and graph editors with an efficient workflow several times, installed and rejected several. Finally I have found THE program!

However, being used to Inkscape where there is one mode/tool to create shapes and one mode to move them, I find myself sometimes creating nodes or edges by mistake when I was clicking the background out of habit or because I didn't position the cursor exactly right. When I want to move a node I also forget to first select it, so an edge creation is started instead.

My current idea for improvement (optional to disable) would be that edit-mode is split into two versions: "Creation mode" and "Move mode" and that there should be single key shortcuts between all modes, e.g. C (create) M (move) N (navigate) E (the edit mode of today, like C+M). Or you could use F3..F5 or whatever.

The creation mode would then insert new nodes and edges but never move any existing object or handle. The move mode would allow resizing and moving, you wouldn't need to first select a node before moving it. I gues text editing could be possible from both modes.

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