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Retaining chart properties while importing new data

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I have imported data from Excel and set up the node sizes, labels, properties mapper  etc appropriately for the task in hand.

I now have some updated Excel data, but I can't work out how to import the new data, while retaining the existing settings. Alternatively, I cannot work out whether I can simply "Copy formats" from the existing chart and then "Paste formats" to a chart from the new data.

Separately, I can't see how to download the entire manual as a PDF (as opposed to just the online pages that are visible at the time one clicks "downoad as PDF").
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Configurations created for yEd's properties mapper are global, i.e. your configurations will be available when importing your updated Excel data.

I am not sure I understand what you mean by "formats" but if you are referring to the visual style of your nodes (and their labels), you can add your nodes as templates to a user-defined palette section. To do that, go to "Edit" -> "Manage Palette", then click "New Section", specify a name for the section, and click "Ok". Then right-click one of your nodes in the editor area to open the node's context menu and choose "Add to Palette". The resulting new node template may then be used in new documents, in properties mapper configurations, etc.

Unfortunately, the yEd manual is currently not available as single PDF document.
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