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yEd seems to drop text from Inkscape SVG that I import

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I created a custom graphic in Inkscape, a very simple 30x30 pixel box with a blue fill and 1-pixel black stroke, and the word "if" in text in the upper left corner. I removed all whitespace from around the box, then saved as "Inkscape SVG."

When I import it into yEd, the "if" text is missing, but everything else acts normally. The box is blue, there seems to be a black line around the outside, and it resizes/scales just fine. I need the "if" in it, though, and it's killing me trying to figure out what's up.

Any ideas?

I will try to upload the .svg file I created, and a screenshot of the result in yEd. (NOTE: The forum didn't like the .svg format, so I exported in .png, so you get the idea.)

Now here's the screenshot showing an expanded node, without the "if:"

Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks in advance!

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Please try uploading your SVG file once more. See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for detailed information on how to do that.

Without the actual SVG file it is not possible to determine why yEd does not display the text in your SVG document.

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Ok, trying to upload my svg file as a link to the file on the server. See if this works.

Link to SVG file.

By the way, I believe I modified the text by using "Object to Path" option in Inkscape, thinking that might be the culprit. Let me know if that works, ok? Thanks!


Thank you very much for uploading the SVG file in question. I tested the file with yEd 3.13 on Windows, Mac OSX, and Kubuntu Linux and it worked fine each time:

Corresponding GraphML.

Thanks for the info! I'm stumped! ;) I'm using Windows 7 for yEd and Inkscape. Wonder if it's some peculiarity with Windows? May have to try it on my Linux Laptop at home and see.

Again, thanks for the info!
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