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How do I uninstall from Mac when I can't access Applications?

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I don't know what went wrong, but yEd won't let me open my applications folder. When I try, it freezes my Finder, and I have to force quit. There's constantly a license agreement popping up, but no matter whether I click agree or disagree, nothing happens. It just keeps replicating and popping up anytime I try to access applications. Then my computer freezes.

A little help?
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Which version of Mac OSX are you running? Which version of yEd are you trying to uninstall?

What I do not understand is what yEd has to do with opening the applications folder. Normally, you open folders in *Finder*.
Moreover, *un*installing usually works like this:
1. Start Finder
2. Go to Applications
3. Scroll to yEd
4. CMD-click/right-click yEd to open the context menu
5. Choose "Move to Trash" from context menu
yEd is actually never started when doing that and no license agreement is displayed on uninstall. (The license agreement is only displayed when opening the yEd-3.13.dmg disk image for *installing* yEd.)

Since your description does not match the above steps at all, please explain step by step what you are actually doing.
Thanks for your response!

This will help me narrow my response a bit: I can't get past step 2. Every time I open Applications, the yEd-3.13.dmg window opens asking about Software License Agreement. At that point, Finder/Applications freezes and I have to force quit. If I click agree, nothing happens. If I click disagree, nothing happens. If I try to move the yEd window, it just duplicates.

Does that help?
Also, I'm on an iMac OS X 10.9.3

Well, that is very strange. Please do the following:

  1. Instead of opening Applications, open its context menu and choose "Get Info", then make a screenshot from the info dialog and upload that screenshot here.
  2. Start a terminal (Finder menu bar "Go" -> "Utilities", find and double-click "Terminal" in the displayed list of utilities). In the terminal type ls /Applications and paste the result listing here.

The above will retrieve information about your system which will hoepfully provide some clues as to what is wrong.

1 Answer

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AppCleaner will give you the answer :)

Link: http://www.freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/
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