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How can I set the font size of attributes and methods in UML class nodes?

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Generally, UML class nodes in yEd contain three sections. The class name section, the attribute section and the method section. The font size setting for class name can be basically found in the label settings (Label tab) of the node's properties window (F6).

To set the font size for both last sections (Attributes and Methods), you should write the text (names of attributes and methods) in HTML format and set the font size using the HTML style attribute.
To do that, select your UML node. Then open the dialog to input the attribute or method names. You can find it in the UML section of the properties window (F6 and UML tab). Now write your text using HTML tags. e.g.:
<p style="font-size:30pt;"> 
Attribute1 <br> 
Attribute2 <br> 
Attribute3 <br> 
This example shows how to set the font size to 30 pt for attribute names of a UML class node.

For more information on using HTML markup in a label, see also: http://yed.yworks.com/qa/16.


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