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Autosave Feature?

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Is there a way to set up a timed auto-save while editing?  Either a user defined timeframe or a preset one would be nice.
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And related to that, the ability to recover if the application crashes, or the computer restarts :-( - without the user having saved the document, yet...
I think if the editor is a marketing tool/opportunity for Yed, then lacking this feature is not helping

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Yesterday I forgot to save a complex drawing in yEd and later I left the application lying in the background on a virtual workspace. Later when I shut down my computer everything got lost, because yEd neither prevented the shutdown nor auto-saved my work.

Looking - for example - to my current text editor, which is saving even unsaved and untitled documents on every change, I'm now used to never think again about losing any work at any time, just because I accidentially changed my attention to something else and then miss to save my work before.

I think this should be the behaviour of every modern application!
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Currently, there is no such feature.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
@michael, I too would like to request this feature--it would be very important for reliable workflow. Just lost part of my work because of a system crash.

Thank you very much for considering it.
Same here. yEd just froze and I lost a diagram changes for the past hour. Please add this feature.
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