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Adding a way to import group nodes

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I'm trying to import data from an Excel file. It contains processes and subprocesses.

I would like the processes to be created in group nodes and the subprocesses in simple nodes.

A I see the current import solution, it would be nice to add a field like "column of group IDs
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Support for grouping has been added to the Excel Import in yEd 3.11

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I have the same question.

Do you have a solution?
Importing grouping information is currently not supported and, unfortunately, I have no idea how to work around this limitation.
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But as far as I can see, in the Import of XLS Files there are two different regions, Nodes and Edges. And furthermore, the user doesn't have to use the same Cells for the input.

What would be the big deal, to put in an optional 3rd imput-row or something likt that - containing information to which group each node belongs?

or - at least - for "automatic grouping" add a way to select an Attribut as a Base for the Auto-Groups.
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I agree that that this feature would be neither conceptually complicated nor hard to implement, and I haven't claimed anything like this. It's simply not done yet, and I don't see any way to work around this limitation in the current version.
Oh, sry, than I got your older post just wrong. But this might be really helpful. I've just tryed some graphs including grouped-elements and it's really handy and unsefull.  Therefore I would recommend to put it in the next relese :D

But thank you for your reply anyway, it's really great to see how suggestions and questions are treated here.
I would like to have this feature, too, but since there are so many other requests in this forum (and even more on our internal list), I cannot promise whether or when we might add it.
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I also need this feature so I decided to throw together a quick and dirty Ruby script to keep me going until the feature is available natively. This is not very well tested but it is working for me so far. This is pre-alpha level test code, but I thought it was worth posting in case anyone else finds it useful.

The basic approach I have taken is to convert an xls file to gml format which can then be imported to yEd.

The full details are in this question:

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Thanks for sharing this nice script. To make it easier to find, I propose to convert it to a new questions (although it's obviously not) and link it from here.

Regarding the source code, it's possible to attach files to questions: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/1734/
Good idea, all done. Thanks again for a great product. -John
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