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Can i open .vbs data and which xsl data do i need for it?

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i try to open my vbs data into yEd Graph.

It appears a window where i dont now what to enter. But with any of the choosen drop-down-menu items (ant-script; owl web ontologie, xml-tree) an error accurs.
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1 Answer

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.vbs as in VBScript file? yEd is not a Visual Basic interpreter. Nor are .vbs scripts XML formatted and consequently it is not possible to use yEd's XML import to read .vbs files.

.vbs script files are text files. There is no structural data in .vbs that can be visualized as a graph.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
thank you very much for your answer. thats what i thought, but there was the importer opening up, when i moved the vbs into the yEd window so a bit of hope was growing. ;)
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