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Where yEd stores icons (property of node)

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Hi Guys!

I've making some type of database using yEd. I'm storing some informations (drawings) in node using property-> icon. I'm choosing drawing from local drive as icon.

Now I've started thinking: What if I move file to some other location?

I've made test and it works, but maybe it's only a coincidece.

Does property of node: ICON (drawing itself) is stored in yEd file, or it's only link to some place?


Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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yEd does indeed store the complete icon information in the GraphML file. Even if you move or delete the original image/drawing on/from your hard disk, yEd will still display your icon just fine. Note, though, this is usually not the case for graph formats other than GraphML.
by [yWorks] (158k points)
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