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Can I define precise distance between nodes with data?

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I'm attempting to define abstract spaces with a few datasets, so I need to have sets of nodes that have particular qualities, say x and y, that can be mapped in such a way that when mapped, the quality x results in one spacing between other nodes, and the quality y results in another.
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Determining length of edges with customized data would be useful too – it would accomplish the same goal.

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Please have a look at the Properties Mapper. This tool allows setting the x- and y-coodinate of the nodes according to custom property values.

by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Yes, but that is not my problem. I want to define precise distance relative to other nodes. For instance, if I want node "x" to be distance "p" from node "y," and node "y" to be distance "q" from node "z," and node "x" to be distance "r" from node "z," then no matter how I would move one node, the others would adjust accordingly. So it's not a matter of establishing absolute position within the x- and y-coordinates, but relative distance based on position of other nodes.

I hope this is clearer this time!
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