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Can the grid be magnetic?

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In many programs grids are magnetic. So all objects can snap to the grid. Is it possible in yEd, too? I see the grid, but it doesn't snap.
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The grid is magnetic. Node centers and edge bends will snap to grid points unless you press and hold CTRL while moving nodes/creating bends.

Are you using the latest version of yEd (3.12.2 at the time of this writing)? There used to be some problems with grid in much older versions.

by [yWorks] (160k points)
Thanx for your answer! Yes, I have the latest version.

Your are right, the grid is magnetic as long as you move an object.

But it's not magnetic when you change the size of an object.

Ist it possible to get this feature?

You can see the difference between Illustrator and yEd here:
I have this same question, the object is magnetic to the grid but when you resize the object it does not snap to grid so it doesn't preserve the object size
That does not make sense to me. How can changing the size of an object preserve the size of said object?
no, the grid ISN'T magnetic when you resize objects !

Dear anonymous poster, welcome to the yEd user forum. We have already asserted that the original poster was referring to resizing nodes while I was referring to moving nodes and bends in the very first comment to my answer.

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