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Can you show three labels?

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I've mapped three fields from the data source to Labels 1, 2 & 3 via the Property Mapper.  I can use the label property "Size->Fit Node Height" to reveal Label 1, but Labels 2 & 3 continue to overlap no matter how I adjust the Placement model or resize the node.  Is this a bug or am I missing something?



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You need to adjust the "Placement" properties of the additional labels. Note, if you select the node, the "Placement" property in the "Label" section refers to the first label only.

To adjust the placement of the second (third) label, select the second (third) label either by pressing and holding CTRL while (repeatedly) left-clicking on the label or by using "Tool" -> "Select Elements" and drag the label to the desired position with the mouse, or choose a "Placement"  like "Sandwich: North"/"Sandwich: South", or use an "Internal" placement with appropriate "Distance" values. E.g. the following label selection

(corresponding GraphML) may be achieved using "Select Elements" with the following settings


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Thanks for your assistance!

It seems that a good default for the system would be to distribute node labels so they are distributed evenly across a node and readable.
Well, distributing labels evenly across a node is difficult because you cannot know how many labels the user is going to add. However, I agree that the default placement could be (much) improved. Simply placing new labels below existing ones would probably work wonders.
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