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Impossible to import a file under windows 7

0 votes
I created a file with yEd under windows XP but I can't open this file in an other computer under windows 7. Is it normal ?
asked Jan 9, 2012 in Help by anonymous

1 Answer

0 votes

No, this seems to be an error. GraphML files created by yEd should work on any other system as well.

To provide adequate help, I need some more information:

  • Can you still open the file on the original system?
  • Are there any error messages when opening the file in yEd on Windows 7? If an error dialog shows, please use it's report button to send us a detailed error message.
  • If there is no error message, please send us a failing file.
answered Jan 11, 2012 by michael [yWorks] (26,550 points)
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