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Can you add feature to expand size of groups in Graph Editor

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Is it possible for a future edition of Graph Editor to include a feature whereby a selected group of nodes can be collectedly resized relative to everything else in the graph whilst gracefully parting the surrounding nodes to compensate?

This would make it so that more important elements could be visible from the outset, whereas more subtle elements would require you to zoom in to view them.
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1 Answer

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Would this be similar to a fisheye view, like it is shown here: Fisheye View for Graphs?

by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Yes that is in essense what I meant; only there could be multiple fisheyes, and it would be, (pertaining to how I would use it,) a permanent state in order to emphasise importance of a given element. The problem at the moment is that although I can do this by manually resizing, I usualy don't know what will be more important until after the graph has been made - at which point of course, it is a pain to alter.
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