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Text rendering is very slow to the point where yEd is nearly unusable

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Hi.  I have been using yEd for years, and I love it.  Thank you for making this product.  Seriously, THANK YOU.

That being said, I used yEd for the first time in many months, after a clean Windows install.  So, I am now using the most up-to-date yEd, and I believe that I may be noticing a change that was introduced at some point in the past year or so.

My typical usage of yEd is to create 20-30 nodes each containing a large block of text.  My prior experience of using yEd is that zooming in and out is very smooth, and operations like connecting nodes is very fast.  However, I have noticed that when I create a graph with a lot of text, that zooming in and out is very slow, as is doing many operations (connecting nodes, panning, pretty much everything in the graph view pane).

I have noticed that when I zoom out a lot, yEd stops showing text in nodes.  At that point, zooming in and out becomes very smooth.

Again, my PAST experience with yEd is that this problem did not occur.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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Hi there,

well i had the same issue. I thought it had something to do with group nodes,

because if is used them my graph became not useable.

Then i found your post and tried zooming in and out and could verify this behaviour

under windows with JRE 1.7u55.

Then I switched back to JRE 1.6u45 and the problems are gone.

I think it has something to do with 2D rendering...
Thank you!  This works!  yEd is usable again!  All is right in the world!
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