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How to make all my flowchart be printed with the same size

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I have four pages of a flowchart, the first three are printed in the same size, but the fourth is printed in a larger size. How can I make it print in the same size as the other three?


OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

yEd version 3.12.2

Java 1.7.0_17
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In my quick tests, printing a larger diagram to several pages worked as expected. On all pages, the element had the same sizes. It might be that this is not directly a problem of yEd but of your printer driver.

To investigate this further, can you please send the settings of the yEd Print Dialog? Does the print preview work correctly? Can you reproduce this behavior with different diagrams? Have you tried printing to another printer, maybe a virtual PDF printer like http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator?

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