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What restrictions apply to the stock icons?

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I certainly love the features, speed and ease of use of yEd and discovered it's use for visualizing our network.

We have a racktables instance providing all the layer 3 (IP) data. I wrote a custom software generating a graphml dialect with the minimum necessary "y:" and "yed:" tags to embed all required style information in a yed-parsable way.

If you are interested in a showcase, I might be able to provide an anonymized sample (Confidentiality concerns not withstanding).

I would be content to use the stock icons for network and server, but there is no suitable icon for a VM or an arbitrary network component (eg. print server, ntp source).

*** Am I allowed to export a suitable icon as svg, modify it in inkscape and use it in a diagram which itself gets redistributed (possibly company wide)?

*** Am I allowed to embed the manually extracted svg resources from the stock palette in the generated graphml in the first place (generate the required <data> section)?

This is no showstopper as I could use arbitrary vector shapes (according to their license, of course), but the quality of the stock icons is very nice and they look consistent and fairly appealing (to management/techs alike ;) ).

Kind regards,

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Sorry for the late reply.


You are allowed to extract the SVG resources from the stock "Computer Network" palette for the purpose of embedding the SVG data in GraphML documents that are meant to be opened in/edited with yEd.

You are also allowed to modify the extracted SVG resources, if the modified documents are used in the same way and you provide yWorks GmbH with your derivatives and grant us the right to add your derivatives to future yEd versions.

You may not extract and/or modify SVG resources for any other purpose.

by [yWorks] (160k points)
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