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Apply Properties Mapping automatically when nodes/edges change

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Now I have to select a Mapping manually and start it.

Imagine the case that you enter text in field "Description" and a mapping exists that copies this text in the label. This should be automatically triggered when Description changes.
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I would very much like this too. Perhaps implemented as a checkbox to turn on auto-apply so it doesn't screw up people used to the current functionality.

Alternatively, I would love to at least be able to dock the mapping window so that it's easier for me to access the Apply button.
Having to return to the Mapping dialog to refresh the view is frustrating, particularly when trying to quickly encode nodes/edges and present the right visual presentation. Please make it possible to refresh the view on any node/edge update.
agree. I would be a very nice feature.

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Agreed, further, the Refresh menu item, while in the docs, isn't actually in the program under View anymore.
Thank you very much for pointing this out. Will be "fixed" in the next yEd release.
This is still not fixed.
Sure it is. The "Refresh" menu item has been removed from the docs since yEd 3.14.3.
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