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Change Node shape based on data

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Is there a way to change the nodes shape based on data similar to the way in which you can control colour and other attributes via the properties-mapper?

For example, I have a nice graph that is produced from an excel file that shows peoples reporting lines and colour codes the nodes based on their geographic location. It would be really nice if i could change the shape of a node based on skill type.e.g. a US based java resource would be a red rectangle. a UK based java resource would be a green rectangle. a UK based oracle resource would be a green circle etc.
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Yes, that is possible. In the properties mapper, either select an existing or create a new node configuration. Then, select "Multiple" as "Template" (the row between configuration name and "Mappings" table). This will add a new row in the "Mappings" table. Select the new row in the "Mappings" table. Choose the property that determines the shape as "Data Source" (first column in "Mappings" table). Then for each (value, shape) pair add an appropriate row in the "Conversion Details" table at the bottom of the properties mapper dialog. I.e. enter the value in the first column and select the desired node template in the second column.
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Change visual type of a node based on data
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