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Raiser, lower ?

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First of able, good year to the Yed Team.yes smiley


My question : can I raise or low the labels as layers ?



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Thank you very much Daniel.

If you are asking whether or not it is possible to change the z-order (i.e. rendering order) of labels similar to the "Raise Selection"/"Lower Selection" actions available for nodes, then the answer is "This is currently not possible but will be supported in the next (soon-to-be-released) version of yEd."
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Thank you about the next release :)
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Supported as of yEd 3.9.

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This confuses me, because I cannot find this feature and I'm using yEd 3.11 now.
Did you drop it after 3.9 maybe?
That'd be a pity because it'd be a great addition. It is such an universal feature in graphics and diagramming software - Oracle Forms had it back in 1998 even - that it's strange to find it missing from this otherwise excellent editor.

This feature is still in yEd. To change the rendering order of labels, select the label in question, right-click the label to open its context menu, and choose "Raise Selection"/"Lower Selection" as desired.

I can't find the two Raise/Lower options either. Using yEd 3.12.2
"Raise Selection" and "Lower Selection" is available for node labels but not edge labels.

Note, raising/lowering labels only changes the relative rendering order of the labels at a shared owner element. I.e. you cannot "lower" a node label below its owner node or below a label belonging to another node or edge.
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