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a frightful error is shown when a file cannot be found when opening it from "recent documents"

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I recently edited a file which I later moved to another position, which I promptly forgot. When trying to open the file from "Recent Documents" from within yEd I got the frightful error "yEd has encountered the following error: Could not import file" with the name of the file. In the "Details" I found a long list of java error messages. After some time wondering what had happened i noticed at the top line of the details (but out of view due to the size of the error window) that it was only a "The system cannot find the file specified" error. Then I remembered I had moved the file.

Would it be possible to just have a normal "file not found" message with an option to browse to the right location of the file?
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1 Answer

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Actually, that's already on our todo list. However, I cannot tell when (or even if) we will improve this specific shortcoming.
by [yWorks] (159k points)
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