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Can I force Yed to choose hierarchy layers based on a property of the nodes?

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Hi - I have nodes, with properties like '2006', '2007', '2008'. I'd like to draw a hierarchy graph, showing the relationships between those nodes, but keeping each year on the same layer.

Is that possible with the UI tool? Or some approximation/hack to get close?


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1 Answer

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This feature is on our list of possible improvements of yEd, but there is already a work-around. First, use the tool Properties Mapper to set the x- or y-coordinates of the nodes according to your data, then run a Hierarchic Layout with setting Layer Assignment set to From Sketch.

For this to work, nodes of different layers must not overlap before the run of the layout, that is, you cannot use the years directly as coordinates. If your data is imported from Excel, another column calculated with a simple formula like 100*(YEAR-2006) will do the trick.
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