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Would it be possible to add some kind of status display lengthy processing?

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During length processing, it would be nice to see "scanning record nnnnn", "importing record kkkkk", "adding node qqqqqq" to give some relative measure of progress.
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As a followup, I ask that question because....

yEd has been running on my workstation since 2:22pm January 25, trying to build a graph from a GEDCOM file containing data on 32,180 people (this being a subset of a larger database containing over 48,000 people).

The program's window has blanked (black), but I can see its CPU usage and memory usage change (memory goes up close to 512mb, stays there for increasingly long periods of time, then drops back down).

I would like some confidence that it will eventually stop running, having either finished its task, or aborted. I *really* need to reboot the machine.

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Hmm, strange. Instinctively, I would have thought that 512MB are simply not enough memory for such a huge graph. However, in that case you should have gotten an OutOfMemoryError instead of the exorbitant long running time you are experiencing.

On the other hand, it might be that your GEDCOM file has already been read in and yEd is trying to arrange the diagram (which can take a *very* long time for such a huge graph).

The best advice I can offer is to kill yEd, (reboot your machine,) and re-start the GEDCOM import but with the "Layout" option turned off. ("Layout" is the bottom-most option in the GEDCOM Import settings that are displayed right after selecting the GEDCOM file to import.)

If your GEDCOM file does not contain sensitive data and is not too huge when zipped, you can upload your file here and I will try to diagnose what is causing the long runtime. (See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files.)

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Ok, I'll try that. If I get no love, I'll upload the GEDCOM file (it does indeed contain info on living people, but all of which was obtained through publicly-available sources, so I'm not concerned about its sensitivity).

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