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How to align label

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Dear Sir,

I need the text labels of the arrows to be closer to the node and to the arrow. When I drag the label, I can only drag it to some other place too distant. Please see the attached file.

The 'JA' needs to be more to the right and the bottom, but dragging only gives the options for placing the text through the arrow, which makes it impossible to read, or just to far below the arrow.

I looked at preferences, but that's too much abacadabra and I didn't see an option for doing this.

I'm looking forward to your answer.

Best regards,
Hieke van Hoogdalem

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1 Answer

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In yEd, the label placement consists of two part: a so called label 'model' that defines the set of valid locations of a label, and the actual 'position' which is its current location. These settings are available in the 'Placement' option of the 'Label' properties. With this approach, the user can restrict a set of possible locations and let one of the automatic placement tools do the actual placement.

For interactive editing, the SmartFree label model is often the most convenient one. With this model, a label can be moved at a constant distance to its edge by default. If the Shift key is pressed while moving, the label can be placed freely without restrictions.

Maybe this tip is interesting for you, too: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/562/
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