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Can I create reusable nodes i.e. instances?

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For my project, I need to create multiple graphs sharing the same nodes and their custom properties etc...

I have tried using Palettes, but this doesn't seem to work as I intendend, besides it is difficult to search items in Palettes.

The goal is to define a NodeA, and be able to use instances of that NodeA

accross multiple graphs. Later if I need to change 1 property of NodeA, I can do that once, an all instances of that node get updated.

Are there any tricks or tips to get this workflow?

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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, this is not possible in yEd.If you have several diagrams that have the same logical nodes, then you need to synchronize the properties of your nodes manually. (I.e. if you change a node in one diagram, you will need to manually update all other diagrams, too.)
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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