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How do I search for text in a graph?

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Why it is not possible use this same search, I mean searching for words or parts of word in the middle of a text, in the structure view? Because when we double click a node in the structure view, yed do a zoom in to this specific node, facilitating its localization much more than in the Selector Tool

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You can use the Structure View or the Selector tool to search for text in a graph's labels.

The Structure View

The Structure View contains a Search field which allows to search for node labels starting with the entered search string. The selection is adapted as you type. If you entered a search string which matches several entries you can select the next matching entry by pressing the ENTER key. A shortcut for deleting the search string is to press the ESCAPE key.

The Selector Tool

Among other things, the Selector tool allows to search for text in a graph. You can search the node labels and the edge labels for a text using different matching types.

To open the Selector tool use either of the following:

  • [Find...] (CTRL-F, resp. Command-F on Mac OS) in the [Edit] menu
  • [Select Elements] in the [Tools] menu

For searching text in a graph's node labels, for example, switch to the [Nodes] tab.


In the dialog, configure the following:
  1. Use these Criteria : true
  2. Criteria : Label
  3. Label : <insert your search text here>
  4. Match Type : <choose from different matching types>

You can choose from different matching types which let you specify whether your text appears at the beginning, at the end, or somewhere in the label's text, resp. whether the node label should match your text completely.


For searching text in a graph's edge labels, you can switch to the [Edges] tab and configure your criteria in a similar manner.


Using [Find..] vs. [Select Elements] has the following differences to it: with [Find..] a single graph element that matches your search criteria is selected and centered in the editor, whereas [Select Elements] selects all matching graph elements at once.
In both cases, you can use [Find Next] (F3, resp. Command-G on Mac OS) and [Find Previous] (SHIFT-F3, resp. SHIFT-Command-G on Mac OS) from the [Edit] menu to have the next/previous matching graph element selected and centered in the editor.


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