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How to share/re-use edges?

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If I have one node "My Org" and lots of other nodes "Person 1", "Person 2", etc.

Can I have an edge labeled "member of" that all the people that are part of the org share?  I'm coming from CMap, where when drawing a graph a node OR an edge can be an endpoint.  A "Y" shaped edge.  

So far, it looks like every person gets its own "member of" edge to "My Org".

I "faked it" by pretending nodes were edges, so "Person 1", "Person 2", "Person3"  etc all connected to a "member of" node that had no color or edge line, and then one connection from the "member of" node to the "My Org" node.  Seems like a hack.
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Edges that connect more than two nodes are indeed not supported in yEd.

The usual workarounds are creating several edges routed as a bus or using an intermediate node as you have already done.

So, your "hack" is an appropriate approach for this problem in yEd.
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