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yEd not working on OS X 10.9 Mavericks

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after upgrading my laptop to OS X 10.9 last week yEd refused to launch. I tried a reinstall but the installer also does not launch.

Has anyone got the same experience?

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This indicates that there is no Java SE 6 runtime available on your laptop.

Normally, however, when there is no Java SE 6 runtime available and you try to launch yEd by double-clicking yEd.app in the Finder, this will trigger the "Download Java" dialog. If you confirm the dialog, OS X will download and install the latest Java SE 6 runtime (from Apple).
After that, double-clicking yEd.app in the Finder will run yEd as usual.
by [yWorks] (23.7k points)
Thank you. It was indeed related to the Java SE 6 (which was installed before the upgrade of the OS).

There seemed to be another application that wanted to upgrade/installed Java SE 6 in the background. This is probably the reason yEd could not start.
After upgrading Java SE and yEd reinstall it worked again. Probably the reinstall was not needed.
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