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Excel import with group names

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Groups are working for me except that I can't figure out how to get the name of the group to show in the group's label.

I can set it by highlighting the group, right-clicking edit properties, clickikng the General tab, and then setting the Descrition field.

How can I get it to use the Group Name using the Property Mapper?


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2 Answers

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You cannot use the properties mapper to set any group properties and therefore, goup label text doesn't work neither. There is already a feature request for support of groups in Properties Mapper in this forum.

However, you can use the Presentation options of the import dialog to set group labels and then still use the Properties Mapper to override/set properties of the regular nodes.

Setting the label text for groups and regular nodes works the same way: choose the column that contains the names as 'Label Text' in the 'Presentation' tab.
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I tried this, and the nodes are grouped, but the group nodes are not named by the Group ID.
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I'm still wrestling with this. I tried making nodes with the names of my groups and putting the group name into Label Text #1, but that also didn't work.
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I found that I had to select just the group nodes, then use the port mapper to map App ID's to Label Text and that added my Group names to the Group node labels!  Weird that it wanted me to use App ID instead of Group but it worked!  Hurrah
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