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How to export a part of a diagram to a png file

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I have a large diagram. In it I have several groups containing nodes. I want to create seperate detail images of each group. For that I need to be able to export the group to an image. Is this possible? Otherwise it would be a great feature to add an "export to image" function at node/group level.
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If you double click on the titlebar of the group you will "zoom in" to only be looking at the group. If you then do an export to PNG (or any other file type) it will only export that group that you are looking at. THen you click on the curvy box with the arrow in the toolbar to get back to the normal view.

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On the Edit menu, there is a choice for "copy to system clipboard", which will copy just the current view. In windows, you can just start up mspaint.exe then paste, do any additional editing such as croping,  and save.  Is nice that the default format for paint is png.

Note that on Windows, it's actually fewer keystrokes to just to hit the Print Screen key for the first part.
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