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Installed 3.8 on OS X Lion and can't open files or start with a blank one

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Apologies if I'm doing something stupid here but I have installed v3.8 on OS X Lion and the application starts but when I try to start with a blank/new file or open the example nothing seems to happen.

The main/middle part of the application screen stays blank.

I haven't really used the application before but did have v3.7 installed and that was OK (for the couple of minutes I used it for).

Now I've decided to have a real go at learning this application because it looks amazing but seem to have come unstuck straight away.

Hopefully I'm doing something stupid smiley

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1 Answer

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Ah sussed it (by reading a suggested post I found after my post!)....Deleted my profile directory and all seems to be OK.  (May be it's an issue with upgrading from 3.7?)
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