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Flexible choice for the fixed point when closing collapsible elements

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A search on the forum has not shown this feature having been requested, therefore my request.  I have well found some questions related to collapsible groups ("Task Activity (Open)" and "Subprocess Activity") but nothing more.

Apparently, collapsible items currently always collapse with their upper left corner being the fixed point (or I have missed something).

In order to (manually) mitigate the impact on the overall layout of opening or closing collapsible items, I think it would be nice to be able to specify the fixed point (the "8 point" + "center" would be a good starting point).

This would allow the user to better control the impact of opening or closing the group on the connections.

Alternatively (without offering the option), setting the fixed point to the center of both shapes could be a better option, IMHO.

Any comment ? Thanks in advance
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You did not miss anything. Collapsible items always collapse with the upper left corner fixed.
So, could you contemplate adding this feature in a future release?  This shouldn't be a big deal (as collapsing around the upper left corner or another one is basically the same algorithm).

Keep up with the good work !
We do consider all feature requests for yEd - even if we do not explicitly mention that in the request post. However, we also tend to take the request popularity into account (i.e. how many votes a request gets).

That said, personally I think your request is a sensible one - even though I doubt most yEd users care much about the fix point.

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