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Why does actor exports as bitmap in vector export formats

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I've tried a few versions on windows and Mac and the result is the same:

 - The Actor (image of a human in UML Palette) is exported as a bitmap when exported to vektor export formats (I tried EPS and EML. I can't see any other object and I think it look bad when printing so what can I do to get it vectorized?

It's obvious a bug but maybe there is a workaround!?

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1 Answer

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EPS and EMF are very limited formats. Try SVG export if you need or want decent vector graphics. (And indeed, the UML actor exports just fine to SVG.)
by [yWorks] (155k points)
It is a valid work around to export to svg and then export it to eps with another tool like Inkscape, so thank you! The Actor in UML is however a circle with 4 lines and not a good reason to blame eps or emf as formats. Import formats for word editors does rarely support SVG (I use 3 major) but that might change in the future.
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