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Problem importing Visio vdx files into Yed

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I am trying to import the Yahoo Design Strencils into Yed. They are available in Visio XML (.vdx) format here: http://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns/about/stencils/

When I import them into Yed, it creates the section, but the section does not contain any symbols. Why is that so?

I am using Yed v3.11

Thank You

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1 Answer

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yEd imports the master section of Visio files (a.k.a. 'stencils' in Visio's GUI). The files I checked contain no stencils but only shape instances on the main page. yEd does not import these.

I suggest to use the SVG version of the files instead. Since the Visio import of yEd has several limitations, it's likely that you get better quality with SVG icons in any case.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
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